Devotionals, and Expansion.

At the moment, I honour and work with Odin, Frigga, Skadi, Freyja and Sif, as well as the vaettir — the land-spirits related to the city I live & study in, and the city I grew up in — and my ancestors. They each have a day of the week dedicated to Them, a day of devotionals for Them. It’s been a very powerful way for me to connect to Them, to maintain a personal relationship with Them, and keep my practice intertwined with my daily life.

However. I’ve been having an itch to start adding Deities to my roster, to start honouring Frigga’s handmaidens, Loki, Idunna, Thor, Hel … ever since I first started to get to know Odin last year I have basically been on what you might call a slippery slope towards honouring Everyone. And my dilemma is thusly: how do I balance this with time and keeping a depth and strength to my practice, without losing the intensely personal nature of it so far?

As with everything in Paganism, the only way to find out is to try.